Who Am I?

I make experimental films and other media inspired by haptic visuality, movement, and somatic sensations. I am interested in where body, mind, and visuality converge.

I work primarily in analog film, with a focus in Super 8mm black and white. I sometimes work directly with the film itself, manipulating the image with bleach and other tools. The physicality of the film strip adds another dimension to the image and to my process.

I have a BA from Hampshire College in experimental filmmaking, and Somatics, specializing in Dance Movement Therapy. I aim to combine these studies by capturing the feeling and therapeutic aspects of dance and movement explorations through filmmaking. I want to allow others who may not be able to access this physical movement, to access it through exercising kinesthetic empathy while watching my films.

Resumé: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JFtSM1EeGOzSIc-dw2SGSEtnPum3srehVotkfkdWl4A/edit?usp=sharing

Cinematography Reel:

Editing Reel:Other mediums:

-Collaborative choreography, improvisational dance and Authentic Movement

-Cinematography and art direction for the screen


-Textile work, embroidery, and fabric sculpture


I am always interested in collaboration, and gaining opportunities to make other’s visions come to life. I would love to work with you!

~Contact me at rcrocarr@gmail.com~