Body Out of Time

Video portion of interns’ show at Pieter Performance Space.

Every Body Bathes

Images capturing moments of self-care and beauty found within the home.

┬áHaptos Proprio, One’s Own is Palpable

This work explores my own personal experience with movement and relating to my environment as a small woman, as well as haptic visuality, kinesthetic empathy, and proprioception. That which makes the viewer feel like they are touching what they are seeing, the ability to experience empathy merely by observing the movements of another body, the sense of the relative position of parts of the body and the strength or effort being employed in movement. This to me is the definition of body awareness; a sense of where a body is in space and how it relates to the physical things, or bodies surrounding it.

Documentation of Performative Installation:

Una Llamada al Candombe

This is the product of a 3-month period of learning about and experiencing Uruguay’s Candombe; an Afro-Uruguayan tradition that is celebrated year-round, but most concentrated during Carnaval.

Other Projects: